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Our most remarkable achievements : 

  • if you have been this far, then that's an achievement for you and for us !  


  • Acquiring our own SAP license : 

For almost a year now, we have been the proud owner of one of the smallest SAP licenses ! We started off with 3.1H, upgraded to 4.5B in December 1999 and upgraded again to 4.6B in January 2000. Now 4.6C/MySAP is only a few weeks away.

Our system has been used by some of our customers as a sand-box system where they could visualize and experiment the new functionalities in isolation from their current development activities but using nevertheless a copy of their own environment (import of client copies). This was also used for demonstrations and testing. What is  more effective to prove your point and the need to invest in an upgrade, than a real life demo ? 

The feedback has been very positive and we hope to soon develop this area of services. 


  • Our latest success : 

using ITS to connect directly into SAP specific transactions using from an Internet web site. This opens a wide range of possibilities among which the connection of users to SAP without the need to install the SAP GUI on their machines. 



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Last modified: November 12, 2002